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Choose Your Favourite FD Jewellery

Planning to invest in a beautiful piece of design for yourself? Try on Felice Dahl jewellery in person at Mouche Collective in Gotheburg, Sweden. You'll find this Första gold ring in a range of sizes, and this Skärgård necklace in silver and gold vermeil, as well a range from our collections.

Photo thanks to Mouche Collective

Summer Gold

Swedish Tara Samvi shows how to brighten your day with golden hues - both with Felice Dahl jewellery, and sunshine shades in your outfit. What do you think about head-to-toe matching, would you wear it?


Thanks to Tara Samvi and Michelle Äärlaht for the photos!

On-the-go Design Essentials

Want to keep your creativity levels up? Keep these design essentials on you at all times!

  • Sketchbook - To document ideas and memories, and a way to relax without over-thinking
  • Your choice of drawing tool - Depending on your preference or even mood, you can pick a marker, pencil, pen, or charcoal, but to name a few!

You'll know which medium you feel most comfortable using to express yourself - embrace it!

  • Camera - Whether it's an analog or built into your smartphone, documenting what inspires you is key to reconnecting with your creativity at a later moment

Are there any other design tools you keep on you at all times?


(Photographed: Felice Dahl Skärgård Collection )

Get the Look A Dane in Paris

Danish Cathrine Urhammer recently styled her Första gold on the picturesque streets of Paris. Love the way she mixed the Felice Dahl Första Pendant Necklace? Try the look with a checkered jacket, elegant open-back shoes and your favourite handbag.

All images from Felice Dahl, Cathrine Marie Urhammer and source.