Felice Dahl jewellery, like any accessory, must be maintained and treated with care. Gold vermeil is sturdy and long lasting, though inevitably wears over time, revealing the sterling silver underneath. To ensure its enduring top quality and enjoyment, we suggest the following:

• Store jewellery in the provided individual pouches to avoid tangled chains, scratching, and tarnishing.

• Maintain jewellery’s sheen by gently polishing with a jewellery cloth, or any a soft dry cloth, such as a lends-cleaning cloth. Avoid using tissue paper and paper towels for this purpose.

• Apply hair or face products before putting on jewellery.

• Dab or spray perfume, and let dry fully, before putting on jewellery.

• Take off jewellery before swimming, bathing, showering, gardening and any sort of exercise.

• Avoid wearing jewellery in damp and hot conditions.

• Take care not to drop jewellery on hard surfaces.


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