Choose Your Favourite FD Jewellery

Planning to invest in a beautiful piece of design for yourself? Try on Felice Dahl jewellery in person at Mouche Collective in Gotheburg, Sweden. You'll find this Första gold ring in a range of sizes, and this Skärgård necklace in silver and gold vermeil, as well a range from our collections.

Photo thanks to Mouche Collective

Royal Wedding Bakery

Did anyone else watch Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding? In England, we ate up anything Royal Wedding! Thanks to the event, I heard about the American Violet bakery tucked away in a residential pocket of London's East End.

I made a trip out to the cake shop to sample the baked goods Meghan chose for her big day. Both the layer cake and the banana bread were deliciously moist! I definitely will go again when I have the chance.


Thanks to the BBC for the gif!

Summer Travel Essential Accessories

Looking to step up your holiday style? Or to speed up your packing and outfit styling while travelling? Here are our essential accessories to bring with you on your next voyage:

  • Sunglasses - A classic pair will keep you chic across the seasons.
  • Statement earrings - Because even on a white t-shirt or bikini, these glints of gold are game changers!
  • Square silk scarf - Another super versatile accessory. Tie it like a headband for Brigitte Bardot style, around your ponytail, half ponytail or bun for a playful look, around your neck for a more androgynous outfit, or even around your wrist or on your handbag! 

Choosing the right accessories will keep you chic throughout your travels.

  • Bangles - Wear one to accent a minimalist look, or layer them on for more bohemian vibes.
  • Basket Bag - A la Jane Birkin! Enough said.
  • Bold necklace - To show of your design taste as well as your tan!
  • Wide brim hat - Literally save face.

What are your summer style saviours?

Importance of Recharging in Spaces that Inspire you

There's a difference between just relaxing somewhere and recharging in an inspiring environment. It's important to spend time in places that help you to reconnect with yourself, a space that speaks to you, whether it be through the cozy lighting and seating area, or the open airiness of the sea air, or the minimalist calm.

Especially in a world where there's so much "noise", it's vital to make time to charge your own batteries, to feel at ease, to gain confidence, and to be inspired.

Spending time at these places will help you to feel like yourself again

Write down a list of 3-5 local spots where you always enjoy spending a moment, and 1-3 further away places that have the same, if not augmented, effect. Keep these in mind to visit whenever you're feeling a little grey or worn out. Recharging in a space that inspires you will do the trick to get you back on track!