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Royal Wedding Bakery

Did anyone else watch Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding? In England, we ate up anything Royal Wedding! Thanks to the event, I heard about the American Violet bakery tucked away in a residential pocket of London's East End.

I made a trip out to the cake shop to sample the baked goods Meghan chose for her big day. Both the layer cake and the banana bread were deliciously moist! I definitely will go again when I have the chance.


Thanks to the BBC for the gif!

Summer Gold

Swedish Tara Samvi shows how to brighten your day with golden hues - both with Felice Dahl jewellery, and sunshine shades in your outfit. What do you think about head-to-toe matching, would you wear it?


Thanks to Tara Samvi and Michelle Äärlaht for the photos!

Scandi Styling with Tara Samvi

The lovely London Swede Tara Samvi got together with photographer Michelle Äärlaht to shoot the newest Felice Dahl Skärgård jewellery. Mixing the collection with a Scandi-feel structured skirt with visible seams, and a soft printed top, Tara styled a romantic look for any professional lady.


Thanks to Tara Samvi and Michelle Äärlaht for the photos!

New Skärgård Campaign Video

Finally the long-awaited Felice Dahl Skärgård Campaign video has arrived! See how our latest designs move in the wind, and catch the light, on the streets of London. Thanks to the fantastic team, photographer Oda Bakkeli Eide, beauty by Rebecca at Room Rescue Elite, model Olivia Wardell @ Models1, and styling by myself.

What do you think, what's your favourite piece so far?