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Mystical Stone Drops Necklace

The latest Felice Dahl Valkyria collection is inspired by the the power and prowess of the Valkyries, Norse mythological female figures who decided the fate of warriors in battle. Embrace the mystical and mythical qualities of the Valkyria Stone Drops, by choosing your own unique, hand-selected tumbled quartz to layer onto your Valkyria Pendant Necklace.

Unique Pink Quartz Drop

For the Felice Dahl Valkyria collection, we created Stone Drops to complement and customise your jewellery so you can get more out of your favourite pieces. The tumbled quartz stone drops are selected by hand for their organic form, smooth surface, and unique colour or clarity. Every one is different, and so is limited edition. As you collect them, the stones become unavailable. Which Valkyria Stone Drop speaks to you most?

On-the-go Design Essentials

Want to keep your creativity levels up? Keep these design essentials on you at all times!

  • Sketchbook - To document ideas and memories, and a way to relax without over-thinking
  • Your choice of drawing tool - Depending on your preference or even mood, you can pick a marker, pencil, pen, or charcoal, but to name a few!

You'll know which medium you feel most comfortable using to express yourself - embrace it!

  • Camera - Whether it's an analog or built into your smartphone, documenting what inspires you is key to reconnecting with your creativity at a later moment

Are there any other design tools you keep on you at all times?


(Photographed: Felice Dahl Skärgård Collection )