On-the-go Design Essentials

Want to keep your creativity levels up? Keep these design essentials on you at all times!

  • Sketchbook - To document ideas and memories, and a way to relax without over-thinking
  • Your choice of drawing tool - Depending on your preference or even mood, you can pick a marker, pencil, pen, or charcoal, but to name a few!

You'll know which medium you feel most comfortable using to express yourself - embrace it!

  • Camera - Whether it's an analog or built into your smartphone, documenting what inspires you is key to reconnecting with your creativity at a later moment

Are there any other design tools you keep on you at all times?


(Photographed: Felice Dahl Skärgård Collection )

Get the Look A Dane in Paris

Danish Cathrine Urhammer recently styled her Första gold on the picturesque streets of Paris. Love the way she mixed the Felice Dahl Första Pendant Necklace? Try the look with a checkered jacket, elegant open-back shoes and your favourite handbag.

All images from Felice Dahl, Cathrine Marie Urhammer and source.

Workspace Design Details

Incorporating design details into your workspace can make a huge difference. Who finds a sterile grey desk inspiring? To get the most out of the space, and out of your potential, take time to select special pieces, which speak to you.

Creating a space of your own, where you can write, create and analyse comfortably will allow you to embrace the work ahead in a confident manner.

Items to consider to update your workspace:

  • Scented candle or diffuser sticks to stimulate or relax the senses
  • A potted plant, flowers, or even dried flowers to bring nature into your space
  • A beautiful cup of your own for your coffee fix
  • Your favourite jewellery in sight 
  • Special writing tools, in metal or with different thicknesses
  • Notebooks that you want to fill

Now go forth and be productive!