Scandi Styling / Copenhagen Pink

Looking for a way to freshen your navys this spring? Follow the Danes, and don a textured coloured jacket, preferably in pink! Balance it out with the ever classic up-down combo, the heels and t-shirt. Then follow the shape of your outfit and accent with Felice Dahl jewellery - the Första Earrings, Ljus Double Ear Cuff and Bangle Bracelet.

All images from Felice Dahl, sourcesource and source.

Blogger Tips / Ellen Claesson

Super Scandi cool Gothenburg native Ellen Claesson has winning style. Going for prints, oversized pieces, lots of layering, and gold accents, discover her jewellery tips here below.

What is your favourite thing about jewellery?

Jewellery makes your look more personal!   (-Ellen Claesson)

How do you wear your jewellery?

I'm pretty simple but I like earrings - without them I feel empty. 

Do you have any tips for styling jewellery?

Express yourself! 

What is Scandi Cool style to you?

Simple but fun! 

How would you describe Felice Dahl the brand?

A brand that allows you to be personal!


Thanks to Ellen for the images!

You can follow her on her blog and on instagram.

Scandi Styling / Norwegian Sara Strand Picks

Watch Norwegian style blogger Sara Strand introduce her gold "super clean" and "natural" Första earrings and ring. Classics with a twist! Where are yours?