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Glossier Beauty Treats

As you know, I attended the Glossier London launch party. What a super treat - I even got a goody bag with two of my wishlist products. How did they know? Say hello to the Birthday BalmDotCom and Haloscope in Moonstone!

The Birthday BalmDotCom smells delicious, like a frosting-covered confetti sponge cake! And it sparkles too! I've used this on its own, and also as lipstick prep when getting ready.

Haloscope gives a super subtle highlight. I've found it's lovely for bare-faced days.

And last but not least, I received that pink bubblewrap zip bag. I already have a few of these - they're my go-to for keeping makeup in my airplane carry-on, or organizing travel documents.

Make London Glossier Party

Last night I was lucky enough to attend the Glossier London launch party in Marylebone. A gorgeous building filled with beauty goodies to try, a dj, and champagne - overall it was a great event. I'm happy to have been included! Since the launch of Glossier years ago, I've been oohing and aahing at their cool-girl products, even ordering a few treats online in the States.

And of course, at the party, I discovered a number of products I wanted to take home! Here are my top picks,

  1. Birthday BalmDotcom - Delicious aroma and a hint of sparkle
  2. Haloscope in Quartz - Because I always love the glowy look
  3. Stretch Concealer in Medium - Essential.
  4. Body Hero Daily Perfecting Cream - Again, deliciousness
  5. Priming Moisturizer Rich - To slather on my winter face, boosted with serum or oil

Wearing jewellery by me!