Importance of Recharging in Spaces that Inspire you


There's a difference between just relaxing somewhere and recharging in an inspiring environment. It's important to spend time in places that help you to reconnect with yourself, a space that speaks to you, whether it be through the cozy lighting and seating area, or the open airiness of the sea air, or the minimalist calm.

Especially in a world where there's so much "noise", it's vital to make time to charge your own batteries, to feel at ease, to gain confidence, and to be inspired.

Spending time at these places will help you to feel like yourself again

Write down a list of 3-5 local spots where you always enjoy spending a moment, and 1-3 further away places that have the same, if not augmented, effect. Keep these in mind to visit whenever you're feeling a little grey or worn out. Recharging in a space that inspires you will do the trick to get you back on track!