What does this mean for you?

Felice Dahl jewellery is designed, sculpted, crafted, and finished, all by hand, in our studio in London's prestigious Hatton Garden. So, what does this mean for you?

I design the Felice Dahl jewellery collections using non-digital methods, including pencil, paper, and paints. Inspiration becomes designs, which go through selection, and then become technical drawings.

Each design is sculpted in London by the hands of a jeweller who brings more than 30 years' skilled experience. A mould is then cast for production. Every single piece is finally polished and perfected once again, by hand.

Being made in London, England, every single piece of Felice Dahl jewellery bears hallmark stamps confirming its finesse, and metal. See them here. You can even identify exactly which year your piece was created.

At Felice Dahl, we combine classic Scandinavian design and meticulous craftsmanship to create jewellery for lifetime style and strength.