Scandi Styling / Striped Top 3 Ways

The striped top, a classic that can be styled in many scandi cool ways. Discover my take on Swedish, Danish and Norwegian styling here below. Which is your favourite?

SWEDISH STYLE - Mix the striped top with classic trousers, and super chic walkable heels. Finish it off with delicate earrings and a statement bracelet.

DANISH STYLE - Pack a punch of colour by styling stripes against bright trousers and statement comfy shoes. Complete the look with a bold necklace and layered earrings.

NORWEGIAN STYLE - Keep your stripes casual with classic jeans and feminine sandals. Accent your outfit with design earrings and a statement ring.


Now that you've seen all the scandi cool styling versions of the striped top, which suits you best? Would you mix and match?

All images from Felice Dahlsource and source.