Scandi Travelogue / Copenhagen Eateries

During my latest Copenhagen visit, I had the chance to sample a range of local cafés and restaurants. Here are a few worth reporting:

42 RAW / While shopping, I had a late lunch at 42 Raw, a vegan hotspot. Though I’m not vegan, I absolutely appreciate a good avocado on rye. They also had a range of breakfast bowls, with acai, matcha or chia.


ATELIER SEPTEMBER / A must in Copenhagen, Atelier September is a trendy spot where freelancers gather for meetings or to work on their laptops. Great place for a light lunch, or to regroup from shopping.


MEYERS BAGERI / As I love to bake my own Swedish buns, I was eager to sample Denmark’s finest. Apparently the place to go, I tasted a couple of baked goods at Meyers Bageri. The cinnamon bun was delicious, though not nearly as fluffy as I usually enjoy. The texture of the Christmas bun was fabulous (croissant-like, with less butter), though the subtle taste (ginger, raisin and cardamom) wasn’t my favourite. From what I gather, the Danish buns are much less bready, and more croissanty than their Swedish counterparts.


HOLM / Stopped at HOLM café to refuel from shopping. I went to the one in Illums department store, though there are at least two other branches within walking distance. I had a cinnamon bun there (surprise!) – this one was a cross between a French Pain aux Raisins and an American Cinnabon. Very different than the Swedish version, but really tasty too!


COFFEE COLLECTIVE / Coffee Collective is ‘the’ coffee place to go to in Copenhagen. It was my second time there, and I have to say, it really reminds me of that earthy Australian coffee. Top quality, but I prefer a lighter taste. I did love their Torvehallerne market location, however. It is very airy and clean, not crowded, with a selection of appetising food.


HOST / I went back to HOST nouveau-Nordic restaurant again this trip. I love the experience, with super Scandi interiors and local tastes, though it’s not something I’d do regularly. They have a set menu including many ingredients I wouldn’t normally choose nor try, though everything comes together so beautifully and the tastes complement each other so well - sometimes in a way that you can’t even distinguish the separate ingredients. My favourites this time were the pork pancakes and the duck filet.

Where should I visit on my next trip?