Make London Glossier Party

Last night I was lucky enough to attend the Glossier London launch party in Marylebone. A gorgeous building filled with beauty goodies to try, a dj, and champagne - overall it was a great event. I'm happy to have been included! Since the launch of Glossier years ago, I've been oohing and aahing at their cool-girl products, even ordering a few treats online in the States.

And of course, at the party, I discovered a number of products I wanted to take home! Here are my top picks,

  1. Birthday BalmDotcom - Delicious aroma and a hint of sparkle
  2. Haloscope in Quartz - Because I always love the glowy look
  3. Stretch Concealer in Medium - Essential.
  4. Body Hero Daily Perfecting Cream - Again, deliciousness
  5. Priming Moisturizer Rich - To slather on my winter face, boosted with serum or oil

Wearing jewellery by me!

Viking Heritage

This summer, I made a day trip to Viking Heritage spot, Sparlösa runestone. Created around 800 AD, the depictions are up for interpretation, though a typical Viking longhouse and ship are clearly visible.

Connecting with something so rooted in my own history was something really special. When I travel around the world visiting cultural sites, they don't necessary resonate with me, as they aren't directly linked to my family's history. The Viking runestone speaks of my ancestors' life and culture. Amazing. Have you visited any historical sites that struck a chord with you?